I would like to thank Sandeep for his performance: Sardar

New Delhi: India thrashed Italy 8-1 and is looking good in the tournament. India have now scored 23 goals in the two matches that they have played and have conceded only two goals.


After the match Indian stand-in captain Sardar Singh said, “We learnt from our mistakes and tried not to repeat them in this match. In the previous match we failed to convert five penalty corners, this time around we scored 4 goals through the short corners.”


Sandeep Singh who scored a hat-trick in the match said, “I am very happy with my performance. I have worked really hard on my game and it’s good that I am able to contribute to the team’s victory.”


Sardar had good words for Sandeep, “We all know that he is a world class drag-flicker, he missed some chances in the match against Singapore but this time around he did what he is known for. It’s great to see him back in form and I hope he continues his good form throughout the tournament. I would like to thank him for his performance tonight.



By Indian Sports News