Former Cricketers divided on Sachin’s role in one-dayers

Sachin Tendulkar

New Delhi:Sachin Tendulkar has always been a point of discussion among the cricket fraternity. Everyone wants to talk about Sachin because at the end of the day that’s what people want to hear. Every ex-cricketer catches the lime-light of the media the moments he speaks about Sachin

This trend is on a high right now as Sachin has been struggling to achieve the landmark of the 100th hundred. Every ex-cricketer and Captain has his views on what Sachin should do and what he should not. Cricketers from Australia, New Zealand, England are advising what the Indian batting maestro should do.

Former Australian captain Ian Chappell has addressed his doubt over Sachin’s motive of playing cricket, he has advised Sachin to introspect his reason of playing. Chappell made his remarks after the controversy that surrounded Sachin’s run out. Sachin blamed Brett Lee for coming in his way and Chappell said that Sachin should not blame his failure on others.

He said that the only reason a player should play cricket is to make his team win, personal goals should not be the main propaganda.

Another Australian, Geoff Lawson has other views. He thinks that Sachin should be the person who should decide when to call it a day in one-day cricket.  However, he also is unsure of the reason why Sachin is playing one dayers.  Lawson questions that whether Sachin was just playing for his hundredth 100, whether his heart and soul was in the game.

Former Australian opener Dean Jones has openly said that Sachin should have been dropped from the one-day team. He said that BCCI does not have it in them to drop a player of Sachin’s stature.

Sachin however has got some support from the man with whom he has shared the dressing room for the most number of times.  Rahul Dravid has said that Sachin is not playing for the elusive feat and the 100th hundred is going to happen. He said that whenever a batsman goes out to bat, he wants to score a hundred to make his team win and it’s exactly the same with Sachin as well.

Dravid said that Sachin will be aware of the controversies around him, but he has faced this all his life and will come out of it as a champion.

Former Indian captain Dilip Vengsarkar has also supported Sachin. He said that Sachin still has got a lot to give in one day cricket and right now India cannot think about replacing him as they have not got a proper replacement for him.

The only way by which Sachin can put all these ‘cricket experts’ to rest is by scoring a century and he will know it better than all of us.



By Indian Sports News