Govt. should stop double speak on Dow Chemical: IOA

Govt. should stop double speak on Dow Chemical: IOANew Delhi: Indian Olympic Association (IOA) on Monday came down heavily on the Government for adopting double standards on the issue of Dow Chemical’s sponsorship of the London Olympic Games and demanded that it clearly and categorically spell out state its stand on the issue to end the prevailing uncertainty.

“The Government’s double speak has created more problems and weakened our case further. While it wants that organizers should drop Dow chemical’s as sponsor of the Games, Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) which is under the Agriculture Ministry, held a seminar last month which was sponsored by Dow.” IOA Acting President Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra said in a statement.

IOA has received several queries from abroad on this issue and they also want to know that “what action Indian Government has taken against Dow Chemical’s which has a large scale operation in India”.
This is a very sensitive issue and the Government has to take a call on it, he said adding “We have written four letters to the Sports Ministry on this issue but have yet not received any reply from them”.

“While there are selective leaks from the government sources in the media that Sports Ministry is planning boycotting the opening and closing ceremonies or it may not send its official delegations to the Games as a protest, but IOA has not been told anything in writing”.

“With only five months left for the Games, this suspense is not good because it is effecting the preparations of the contingent for the Game” Prof Malhotra said.

He said the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had written a letter to the IOA, giving their point of view on this issue. The letter was forwarded to the sports ministry. ”We have come to know through media that Sports Ministry has written to the IOC in reply to that letter“.

Prof Malhotra said that it is ironical that on such an important National issue, rather than putting up a united stand, Government is playing politics which is not going to serve any purpose rather it will damage our cause and stand.

“I am surprised at Sports Ministry’s attitude. While IOA want to cooperate with it on this issue they are playing politics. Why they have not replied to our letters is also open to interpretation”.

“The selective leaks in the media by the Sports Ministry are creating more problems. The IOC charter is very clear and strict on such issue. The talk of selective boycott will have very serious repercussions and will ultimately boomerang“.