Plansportz: A sports platform to find sports facilities, sports events and co-players

g5Had you been a sports fanatic in your school or college days, but had to leave your passion once you started working due to the unavailability of sports facilities, events or like-minded people around you?

Finding people with similar interests at the same time and in the same area is hard and that's the reason why most of us end up not playing sport. Plansportz has come up with a solution in the form of its sports platform (App) where you can not only find sports facilities and sports events happening in your vicinity but can also find co-players with similar taste.

Through Plansportz App, you can find the closest sports facilities, courts, playgrounds, tournaments, events or updates on activities for your favourite sports. You can also find co-players and even coaches around you. It is also a perfect platform for tournament organisers as they can benefit from its database of players. The app also allows you to share details with other like-minded sports enthusiasts and invite them to play. It aggregates service providers like stadia, academies, trainers, coaches, gyms and helps you find the best places to play. With Plansportz, you can discover and participate in hundreds of sports.