Bollywood route via cricket: Poonam Pandey says she is going to have the best sex scene in her debut film

Poonam PandeyIf someone who has learnt the art of hogging limelight and keep herself in news through an act of infamy, it has to be Poonam Pandey. The damsel with a superb body has mastered the art of keeping herself in news and is always ready to shed off her clothes with the drop of a hat. Nobody has used Twitter to show off her body more than Ms Pandey and the latest in her repertoire is her latest tweet, where Poonam said that she is going to have the best sex scene in her debut film. Poonam Pandey has been one of the top most controversial models in world ever since she posted her nude pictures to support the Indian cricket team.

After gaining publicity, leggy lass Poonam Pandey seem to be now working hard for her debut film. Poonam Pandey in her tweet says, “Sex was never neat as they are displayed in movies. In fact, real sex is messy and it gets messier for a good sex. In her debut film, Poonam Pandey says it’s gonna be the best.”

Nobody has used sports to gain fame and fortune more than Ms Pandey and the Kingfisher model became an overnight sensation when the girl declared to go nude in front of the whole stadium if Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his boys won the 2011 World Cup. Though her ambition weren’t fulfilled due to reasons more known to the damsel, she learnt the art of using cricket, nudity and her antics to keep herself in news time to time.

After the World Cup, Poonam used the grand occasion of Sachin tendulkar scoring the 100 hundreds to shed of her clothes and post her nude picture on Twitter. About a month later, she shot to instant in ‘fame’ when she posted a total nude picture for Shah Rukh Khan and his Kolkata Knight Riders for their stupendous success in IPL-5.

This catapulted her into an internet sensation which made her overtake porn star Sunny Leone in terms of popularity on the social networking site. Pandey has 241, 959 followers on the social media site compared to Leone’s 230, 109 followers. Both the ladies have been in the news for their debut films. While Sunny Leone's Jism 2 will hit the theatres on August 3, 2012, Poonam Pandey's debut venture directed by Amit Saxena will release sometime in Decemeber.