Art of attracting the eyeballs: Stripping queen Poonam Pandey does it again on Twitter

Poonam Pandey has done it again. The model who has the habit of stripping off at the drop of a hat, does it again as the internet sensation has posted a pic on Twitter where a lacy panty is seen being removed from slender legs wearing nothing but a pair of sexy stilettos. The photo does not show her face. Poonam Pandey has mastered the art of hogging the limelight by shedding her clothes and rose to fame last year when the damsel vowed to go nude in front of the whole public in the stadium if India won the 2011 World Cup.

Though her ambition didn’t materialize, she got instant fame and she has been taking the easy route to stardom via cricket ever since that episode.

She has also posted her nude picture when Sachin Tendulkar had scored his 100 tons and she again became an internet rage when she posted her pictures without clothes when Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders won the Indian Premier League Season V.

Infact a report suggests that Poonam Pandey is more popular on internet than internationally known porn star Sunny Leone. It may come as a surprise for many that with over 241808 followers, it is Poonam who leads, and Sunny has been left behind with 12053 followers to her name. So her acts of infamy have indeed brought her the fame and she is using cricket as a route to achieve that.