MP Sachin Tendulkar sets example for other Parliamentarians, denies government bungalow

New Delhi: Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has already started setting examples in front of his fellow MPs. Sachin has reportedly denied to live in a government bungalow that a Rajya Sabha Member is entitled for.

Sachin said the reason for his decision is that he will be in Delhi for only a few days in a year and he said that if he would take the bungalow for a few days than he will be wasting tax-payers money. Sachin also said that the bungalow should be allotted to a person who needs it more than him.

Sachin, who recently took oath as MP, said that he will stay in a hotel whenever he comes to Delhi. Sachin made it clear that being a Rajya Sabha MP is much more important for him than getting the perks associated with the position.