Cricket, glamour, nudity & fame is ok; but Poonam Pandey stop using Team Anna platform for cheap publicity

Cricket, controversies and Poonam Pandey have become synonymous to each other. The Kingfisher model has mastered the art of hogging limelight through controversies and after using cricket as a medium to make headlines, recently she created quite a stir saying that Kiran Bedi, the former IPS officer and an important part of Team Anna, had invited her to join the Anna team and become its face.

However, but when Bedi was contacted for a reaction, she expressed shock and was clueless about the same. “I have no idea of what she (Poonam Pandey) is talking about,” said Bedi, showing complete ignorance about extending any such invitation to Pandey, says a report in HT City.

While on the other hand, Pandey has issued a press statement claiming that Ramon Magsaysay Award winner, Bedi, forwarded an invitation to her to be part of Team Anna’s campaign, says the report. Team Anna has been fighting for a strong Lokpal Bill for over a year, but in the last couple of months, the campaign has witnessed a dip in its zest. An attempt to revive the campaign has been initiated by Kiran Bedi, and including Poonam Pandey could just be that shot in the arm that Team Anna needs to take the fight to the government’s doorstep, the statement read.

Meanwhile, talking about Poonam Pandey, she is the controversy queen, who has used her body and the nation’s favourite sport to make news ever since she decalred to undress in fornt of the whole stadium if Indian won the 2011 World Cup. Thereafter, she has been using every cricket platform to show off her sexy body on the twitter, the latest being posting a nude picture in honour of Shah Rukh Khan and his team Kolkata Knight Riders that won the 2012 IPL trophy.