Cricket, controversy & fame: Why hasn’t Anand, Leander & Abhinav inspired Poonam Pandeys & Rozlyn Khans to bare it all?

Viswanathan Anand, Leander Paes, Abhinav Bindra and the likes are greater inspiration than most of the cricket stars but then why have the likes of Poonam Pandeys and Rozlyn Khans dared to bare only for cricket and cricket stars?

Cricket has been drawing attentions from every corner of the world. The game which is played in 10-12 countries is fast spreading its legs in non-cricket playing nations as well. T20 cricket brought that change; people who earlier kept their distance from the game can easily follow a three hour match. Cricket is more glamorous than it ever was and people who are associated with the game are making big money.

Indian Premier League has sensationalized the game. Along with the best players it also brought the best cheerleaders from all round the world. Bollywood also joined the extravaganza and it became an instant hit. Actors who were hard to spot in movies have now become face of some IPL franchises. Everyone wants attention in their lives and being present at a cricket field provides everyone such exposure.

But, the new thing that has hit cricket is nudity. Some of the Indian wannabe actresses who want to make it big are eager to strip for cricketers to show their support and more importantly to get those minutes of fame and big fortune. It was pretty common in other countries and football was always a sport which drew maximum nudity. From players to supporters everyone kept taking off their clothes to celebrate their victory, but for India it is a very new concept.

Poonam Pandey got overnight attention when she announced that she will undress in front of the stadium if India wins the World Cup. The story got highlighted when India won the Cup in 2011, but the unknown actress broke a lot of hearts by keeping her clothes on. However she got what she wanted. People started knowing her and she did bare it all later – first for Virat Kohli and then for Sachin Tendulkar’s tons of the tons. She again made the headlines when she posted her nude picture in support of SRK and his IPL team when KKR won the IPL this season. And again she she is one of the most talked about girls in the nation o net.

Her act inspired others and soon another unknown model Rozlyn Khan took off her clothes and posted her picture saying that she did it for Indian captain MS Dhoni and her team CSK. She too got her share of fame which for sure will help her cause in the glamour world.

Cricket has always drawn attention from the glamour world but the definition is changing. One thing among these girls which is common is their ‘love for cricket’ and this is what raises questions. India is a country which has produced some of the world’s best sportsperson. But, why it is always cricket that draws such attention.

Why does the likes of Vishwanathan Anand, who is the five time world champion, Abhinav Bindra, who is the Olympic Gold medalist and Leander Paes, who is synonymous to Indian tennis never inspire the girls like Poonam Pandey and Rozlyn Khan?

The answer is very simple. What cricket provides to theses wannabe actors no other game provides in India! These girls may not know a single thing about cricket, but they surely knows they can make their careers if they are associated with the game, even if they have to bare it all for cricket, it is a good bargain. The game which has inspired thousands of youngsters is now attracting people who are just using it to make it big on silver screen.

Previously other sports in India were missing money, basic infrastructure, proper administration and know they are also missing out on the glamour quotient that cricket has got.

By Indian Sports News Network