Cricket + Controversy: Rozlyn, Poonam, Nupur & Veena’s ultimate formula to succeed in Bollywood

Poonam PandeyCricket and Bollywood are the two things that sell in Indian and if it’s a heady mix of two than it becomes a cocktail that gives everyone, including the public, players and celebrities a perfect pleasure. And add to it the glamour of the glam dolls; it for sure gives an unimaginable high. Damsels in turn use cricket to get famous. Cricket plus controversy gives you enough publicity to bake your ambitions and now most of the models use this ultimate formula to become famous. There are many such examples like Rozlyn Khan, Poonam Pandey, Nupur Mehta, and Veena Malik

With an advent of Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008 there hasn’t been any dearth of these as it has cricket and Bollywood, added with the extra flavour girls, drugs and fixing that came into evidence during IPL-5. From the spot fixing drama that came into light at the fag-end of IPL-5 to SRK’s scuffle with the MCA to RCB’s Luke Pomersbach molesting an American to a rave party in Mumbai's suburbs which saw some of the IPL players attending it, IPL-5 saw it all.

But without delving much into the wicked side of the league, which is pale in comparison to the benefits accrued from the league, which fame and fortune to many, including players, officials and owners, associated with it, Indian Sports News just tries to bring forth the names of the damsels who came into limelight knowingly or unknowingly in the last few years and the race to grabbing eyeballs became more competitive ever since Kingfisher calendar girl promised to go naked in front of the whole stadium if India won the World Cup in 2011.

Poonam Pandey:
Nobody can beat her in this art of hogging limelight using cricket and cricketers as medium. Hardly anyone knew this damsel before she committed to undress herself in front of the whole stadium if India won the World Cup. Though MS Dhoni and Co. did the unthinkable, Poonam’s promise of going nude remained a promise for reasons better known to Ms Pandey. Nevertheless, the model got her share of publicity on the net along with Dhoni and his boys.

Poonam realised this medium of getting the required publicity and after posting nude pictures of hers for Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar in between, she hogged the headlines again when posted her nude picture for SRK's Kolkata Knight Riders after its victory in IPL season 5. Poonam Pandey kept her promise of baring it all after Kolkata Knight Riders’ maiden title win in the Indian Premier League 2012.

rozlyn khanRozlyn Khan: If it’s cricket wannabe Bollywood starlets do not want to miss the IPL bus and at the fall of the hat just want to jump into the bandwagon called cricket for those few minutes of publicity which can give a fillip to their career. After Poonam Pandey, who shed off her clothes for Shahrukh Khan and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) –another girl Rozlyn Khan took a similar route root to fame. She chose Indian captain MS Dhoni and his franchisee Chennai Super Kings to gain instant fame. She grabbed the eyeballs as she has stripped for the Chennai Super Kings captain, even though his brigade lost the finals to SRK’s KKR. Rozlyn support for MS remained undiminished as she went topless for her star. Little known model Rozlyn for sure got her moments of fame on the net at least.

Nupur Mehta:
When Nupur Mehta confirmed that the pictures shown on television and across all leading dailies was hers, a hell broke loose on her. But she denied any link up with the match fixing business. Nupur Mehta's Photo as Published in The Sunday Times of London (top) and Nupur Mehta's Still from the Movie Jo Bole So Nihaal. Nupur Mehta is said to have played a key role in India Pakistan world cup semi-final match’s fixing last year. She says that she though is a cricket lover but she has nothing to do with match fixing episode.

Veena Malik:
Who knew this Pakistani actress until she caught the attention of the public when she spoke about her ex-boyfriend Mohammad Asif, who himself had become famous more due to his off field activities than his cricket prowess. The Pakistani actor has been talked about for all her linkups with Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif and Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel and her alleged nude photo shoot for FHM magazine. In fact, religious fundamentalists were so upset with her nude pictures that they issued a fatwa against her. Once the hype around died down, she hogged media attention when she went missing from the sets of her upcoming film Mumbai 125 Kilometres.

By Indian Sports News Network