Poonam Pandey, cricket and her art of hogging limelight:This time it's KKR & SRK

Poonam Pandey lived up to her promise when she posted her nude picture in celebration of Kolkata Knight Riders’ win on May 27. Shah Rukh Khan may not have been vocal about Poonam’s dare to bare act, but the bold model has a different story to tell.

“SRK too enjoyed my nudity,” exclaims Poonam, when quizzed about the same. She further adds, “In fact, SRK in one of his interviews had gone to the extent of saying that didn’t mind me stripping for him as long as it is done legally. Isn’t that enough coming from a celebrity of his stature?”
Poonam is extremely happy on keeping her promise this time round and is looking forward to crossing bounds for her love for cricket and her fans.

Poonam Pandey tweeted a nude picture to celebrate Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) winning the fifth season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), but co-owner Shah Rukh Khan has refrained from commenting on this.

"When we won the (cricket) World Cup all our friends went out in cars waving our flag....when KKR won I did a cartwheel...everyone has their own way of expressing happiness..I can't comment on this," Shah Rukh told reporters here on May 30.

KKR won against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) the IPL-5 final in Chennai on May 27.

Post that, Poonam had posted her nude picture on Twitter, which showed her laying nude on her stomach, wearing a pair of black heels. She had accessorised her bare look with black beads on her wrist and a black neckpiece.

Before posting her picture, she had tweeted: "Wowwwwwwwwwwww what ever team I support always wins #IPL #KKR #SRK so as I promised, a pic is on its way."