Sehwag launches CSR campaign ‘Dare to Care’ for Delhi Daredevils and UNICEF

New Delhi: In an effort to support and strengthen the adolescent girls of India, Delhi Daredevils along with Virender Sehwag on Friday announced their partnership with UNICEF. The campaign coined as ‘Dare to Care’ will witness Delhi Daredevils as well as UNICEF working towards sensitizing the public on the important role girls can play in society and  why education and protection can ensure that they can grow up and develop to their full potential.

Virender Sehwag, Captain, Delhi Daredevils said, “This is an honor to be associated with a campaign which fights for empowering the adolescent girls of India.  The entire team along with the management of the Delhi Daredevils is glued and excited about this campaign since this cause is so close to our own lives and hearts and so will do anything to make this a successful initiative.”

“The Delhi Daredevils have a huge and very loyal crowd of supporters. In partnering with the Daredevils we are looking forward to hearing millions of voices speaking out for girls in India. Girls who are educated, protected and empowered", said Karin Hulshof, UNICEF Representative in India, "With the Dare to Care campaign we are looking forward to joining hands with the team and calling for boys and girls to transform India."

Commenting on the announcement GMR Sports Head (Marketing) Hemant Dua said, “The fact that 40% of adolescent girls aged between 14 – 17 years do not attend school, 40% girls in India marry before the legal age of 18 and around 56% of adolescent girls are anemic were good enough reasons for us to come together with UNICEF for a common cause of educating everyone to understand the value of girl child. It’s the girl which is so full of life, strength, playing a critical role in our lives so what holds us back to give them an equal status as the boys in the family and society at large. Delhi Daredevils through this campaign DARES everyone to wake up and start caring for the girls in your family.”

The partnership aims to support the efforts to protect millions of adolescent girls still facing obstacles in their lives by experiencing various forms of discrimination, exploitation and abuse on account of their age and their sex. ‘Dare to Care’ will focus on issues related to empowering girls with education which will further give them the courage to say no to an early marriage and also give their views on decisions which directly impacts their lives.