Tendulkar’s new hair style makes him look Perkier and young!

Look what’s the talk of the town? Our very own Sachin Tendulkar seems to be going through a style check during the Asia Cup.

The master blasters's new hairstyle has turned to straight from curly. The look has definitely made him look much smarter and not to forget even younger.

However, readers must note that it's not the first time that Tendulkar has changed his hairdo. The 38-year-old crickets ‘love child’ had earlier trimmed his curly mop that he sported in his initial years.

Last year, just before the World Cup semi final match against Pakistan, Sachin coloured his hair brown that in turn gave a lot of ‘food for thought’ for people around the globe who couldn’t stop talking about the change.

Tendulkar's new hairstyle has evoked mixed reactions from his fans and Twitter is abuzz with their comments, a Tendulkar fan said: "This Tendulkar hair cut is very un-like Tendulkar” . Another fan mentioned "Loving the new hair style of Sachin Tendulkar."

There are also some people who have compared his new hairstyle to "a dead cat on his head", while some of his die-hard fans have called it "awesome". However, change in his hairstyle did not bring any change in his luck for the cricketer, who will turn 39 next month.

However, yes the whole fraternity seems to be going “GA-GA” about this new thing. But as all of us know ‘Change is the only permanent thing’ right?


By Indian Sports News