Twitter’s best friend is that you?? YES YESYES!!

In this era of social networking and gamut of information exchange, Twitter and Facebook  have become not only the source of ‘know-hows’ but a great source of news in the day to day affair. It was not long ago that journalists and writers needed to wait for an interview or a ten minutes talk to decipher information, today all one needs to do is just log into some networking site and you know everything that you needed to know.

From Lalit Modi to Yuvraj Singh, Twitter is the new genre tool of “self-talking”.  Just today, Yuvraj twitted  that‘ just four days left for his Chemo- therapy to get over’ and the Internet seemed to have already flooded with news related to it. So, the question is, ‘is internet today’s tool to facilitate direct talking with the fans??’ That’s a never ending debate for sure but yeah some people are anyways happy to hear from their icons.

Personally, when I first read news that is generally a tweet product I think we have come a long way, rather a very long way. Being a die-hard Yuvi fan, I was elated to find his happy picture on net, apparently the story had his tweet, I asked a friend, he told me that Yuvraj twitted almost every day and gave updates to the world, and suddenly I realised that the world is actually banking on such networking forums in today’s time.

I don’t want to sound controversial, but very recently an international player decided to sue another fellow just because the later twitted something which was probably untrue.

I wonder, what is this life that we have all come to? What has this world come to? We now no longer believe in real talking but believe in some virtual place where people talk and tell us what they are upto and why not?? Maybe that’s how today’s internet era works, maybe that’s how fans and their icons connect! Maybe that’s all we want! After all it is all about knowing what your sports icon are thinking or doing, right?

By Ronisha Bhattacharyya.