Wedding bells or splits-ville?

Zaheer Khan and Isha SharvaniIndian Cricket Team is a very high profiled team and the cricketers are no less than celebrities. Achieving a celebrity status sure does bring limelight but takes peace of mind at least where love is concerned. Two examples of this statement is the story that revolves around Zaheer Khan- Isha Sharvani and Harbhajan Singh-Geeta Basra.

Zaheer is believed to have proposed Isha and the couple has been on an on and off relationship. Apparently the couple headed for splitsville in 2007 but did make up and now they could listen to wedding bells.

Talking about Harbhajan and Basra has been denying their relationship since ever the news broke. But the news soon caught the mileage and it once happened that Shahrukh Khan teased Bhajji with Basra on Television during an awards function. Harbhajan took it sportingly but Basra evidently gets very annoyed when she asked about the connection and she once lashed at the media saying that talks about her personal life hampers her professional life.

Whatever the truth is, all that we pray is that they receive happiness and get whatever they want at least off the field.