Hero Motosports Team Rally finishes stage 9 of Silkway Rally in second position

Silkway Rally Stage 9Hero MotoSports Team Rally rider, Paulo Goncalves delivered yet another class act in the most challenging off-piste stage of the Silkway Rally 2019, to finish in second place. The ninth stage Rally concluded with another strong run for both Team the riders, as they made it to the finish line safely.

Finishing just 43 seconds behind the stage winner, Paulo showed yet again why he is considered as amongst the best in the world of rally racing. This was the sixth stage podium finish for the team in the Rally.

Team’s second rider, Oriol Mena, continued to work his way up the rankings steadily and consistently with yet another solid stage under his belt. He finished the stage at ninth position and is now placed at sixth position in the overall rankings.

The ninth stage took competitors for a 501 km run, out of which 290 kms made up the special stage for the day. The stage offered a fast and beautiful route, mostly set along sandy roads, only to turn a bit slower in the later half as bumps and dunettes mixed with dry riverbeds made life more challenging for the riders. The last few kilometres set up the competitors for a fast dash to the finish line to reach the Jiagyuguan bivouac, marking the end of the penultimate stage of the Silkway Rally 2019.

Paulo Goncalves (Comp No: 4):”It was a beautiful stage today with lot of dunes and sand tracks. I felt really good during the stage and the bike worked perfectly as well. I finished just 43 sec behind the stage winner so it is a really good outcome for the Team. I pushed myself hard today to improve my timing and speed. Now only one more day left in the Silkway Rally and I hope everything goes well tomorrow to finish my first rally with Hero MotoSports Team Rally.”

Oriol Mena (Comp No: 25): “It was a difficult stage towards the end with some really dangerous piste. I brought the bike to the finish stage safely for the team so I am really happy with that. I am feeling quite good and confident about my riding and looking forward to finishing the Rally tomorrow.”

Provisional Rankings of the Stage 9

  1. 1. Andrew Short                            Rockstar Energy Husqvarna         03h 52m 28s
  2. Paulo Goncalves                       Hero MotoSports                      +43s
  3. Adrien Van Beveren                      Yamaha Rally Team                       +01m 45s
  4. Sam Sunderland               RedBull KTM                                   +04m 19s
  5. Oriol Mena                               Hero MotoSports                      +20m 51s

 Overall Rankings at the end of the Stage 9

  1. 1 Sam Sunderland                          RedBull KTM                                   23h 27m 27s
  2. Andrew Short                                 Rockstar Energy Husqvarna         +22m 51s
  3. Adrien Van Beveren                      Yamaha Rally Team                       +23m 42s
  4. Oriol Mena                               Hero MotoSports                      +48m 47s
  5. Paulo Goncalves                       Hero MotoSports                      +50h 32m 29s