Haryana Steelers defeat UP Yoddha 36-35 in Pro Kabaddi League Season 8

Haryana Steelers vs UP Yodha Season 8Bengaluru: The Haryana Steelers registered a thrilling 36-35 victory over UP Yoddha in Pro Kabaddi League Season 8 in Bengaluru on Sunday. The two sides played out an even contest for the most part of the match before Vinay scored a bonus point in the last few seconds of the game to ensure that the Haryana side walked off the mat as the winners of the match.

The UP Yoddha got off to a good start and took the lead at 5-3 in the opening minutes of the match. However, the Steelers fought back, pulled off a raid and a tackle in the 11th minute and gained the lead at 11-9. The UP Yoddha side picked up a couple of points quickly and levelled the scores at 11-11 in the 14th minute. Thereafter, the two sides played out a neck-to-neck contest and kept scoring points in tandem. UP Yoddha effected a fantastic tackle in the 18th minute and took the lead at 14-13. Moments later, the Steelers carried out a brilliant tackle and levelled the scores yet again at 14-14. The Haryana side effected another fantastic tackle to take the lead at 15-14 just before the end of the first half.

The Haryana Captain pulled off a brilliant raid in the opening minutes of the second half and helped his team extend their lead. Moments later, the Steelers inflicted an All Out and took a four-point lead at 20-16. Rohit Gulia effected an amazing raid as the Haryana side took a 7-point lead at 25-18. The Steelers rode on the momentum and continued to stay in the lead at 28-20 in the 29th minute. However, moments later, UP Yoddha pulled off a Super Raid and narrowed the gap between the two sides.

Kandola continued his good form and effected another fantastic raid as Haryana led at 30-24 in the 31st minute. UP Yoddha picked up a few points quickly and got closer to Haryana's score. In the 36th minute, the UP team inflicted an All Out, but the Steelers still led at 32-31. The Haryana side carried out a tackle and took a two-point lead at 33-31. In the 39th minute, the UP side effected a Super Raid and levelled the scores at 35-35. Thereafter, Vinay picked up a bonus point in the dying seconds of the match and helped his side close out a crucial victory.