Haryana Steelers defeat Puneri Paltan 37-30 in Pro Kabaddi League Season 8

Haryana Steelers defeat Puneri Paltan 37 30Bengaluru: The Haryana Steelers played brilliantly and defeated Puneri Paltan 37-30 in Pro Kabaddi League Season 8 in Bengaluru on Wednesday. The Steelers and Puneri Paltan played out an even contest in the first few minutes of the match as the two sides were locked at 5-5 at the end of the 7th minute. The two teams continued to play out a neck-to-neck contest, but Puneri Paltan held the lead at 8-7 in the 11th minute. Kandola carried out a magnificent raid and helped his side level the scores at 8-8 in the next minute. Moments later, the Steelers gained the lead at 9-8 after effecting a brilliant tackle. In the 14th minute, the Puneri Paltan carried out a multi-point raid and levelled the scores at 10-10. In the next minute, the Steelers effected a tackle and regained the lead at 11-10.

The Puneri Paltan side fought back and levelled the scores yet again at 11-11. Jaideep pulled off a fantastic tackle and Meetu effected a brilliant raid in the 18th minute as the Steelers took a two-point lead at 13-11. However, Puneri Paltan picked up a bonus point and effected a Super Tackle to take the lead at 14-13. Thereafter, the Steelers pulled off a brilliant tackle as the two sides were locked at 14-14 at the end of the first half.

The Steelers attained the momentum in the opening minutes of the second half and took a four-point lead at 19-15. Jaideep pulled off another brilliant raid as the Haryana side further extended their lead. The Haryana side kept picking up points and kept forging ahead. Kandola pulled off a multi-point raid in the 31st minute and moments later the Steelers inflicted an All Out and took a 10-point lead at 31-21. The Puneri Paltan side tried to fight back, however, the Steelers still held the lead at 34-25. In the 38th minute, the Steelers carried out an impressive tackle and continued to stay in the lead at 36-26. The Haryana side rode on the momentum and eventually walked off the mat as winners of the match.