know bandy

Bandy is a winter team sport played on ice. Where, skaters use sticks to direct a ball into the opposing team''s goal.


• Team Size: Each team can have 11 skaters on the ice.
• Game Time: Two 45 minutes halve.
• Goalies: Don''t carry a stick! They use their hands within the penalty area. They throw the ball to their teammates.
• Goal Throw: When an Attacker plays the ball over the end line, the Goalkeeper grabs a ball from the side of the net and throws it to a teammate.
• Offside’s: When an Attacker gets behind a Defender and the ball is passed or shot to him/her.
• Play against Opponent: A free stroke is awarded when a player kicks, trips, slashes, or grasps an opponent.
• Free Stroke: Awarded to attacking team when a foul is committed to them outside of the penalty area.
• Corner Stroke: When a defender plays the ball over the end line, the attacking team can play the ball in from the corner to skates at the top of the penalty area.
• (Bandy''s rules most closely match those of football).



• The size of a bandy field is in the range (45-65 by 90–110 meters), about the same size as a football pitch and considerably larger than an ice hockey rink.
• Along the sidelines a 15 cm (6 in) high border is placed to prevent the ball from leaving the ice.
• It should not be attached to the ice, to glide upon collisions, and should end 1–3 meters away from the corners.
• A centre spot denotes the center of the field and a circle of radius 5 m is centered at it. A centre-line is drawn through the centre spot and parallel with the short lines.


•  The basic equipment players are required to wear includes a pair of skates, a helmet and a mouth guard and, in the case of the goalkeeper, a face guard.
•  The skates, sticks and any tape on the stick must be of another color than the ball.


• Free-strokes can be awarded to a team if a player of the opposite team offends any rule, for example, by hitting with the stick against the opponent''s stick or skates.
• A ten minutes penalty is ordered, by protesting or behaving incorrectly, attacking an opponent violently or stopping the ball incorrectly to get an advantage.
• The third time a player receives a penalty; it will be a personal penalty meaning he will miss the remainder of the match.
• A substitute can enter the field after five or ten minutes.
• A full game penalty can be received upon using abusive language or directly attacking an opponent.
• The offside rule effectively limits the ability of attacking players to remain forward of the ball, the second-to-last defending player and the half-way line.

Governing Bodies

•        Federation of International Bandy

Major Tournaments

•        World Championships
•        World Cup
•        Champions Cup
•        Asian Winter Games