know Tchoukball


•    Two teams of 7 players each (men or women) compete to score points with the team with the most points at the end winning the game.
•    When a team gains a point, control of the ball is transferred to the other team.

Rules of the game

  • The player can take 3 steps and is not allowed to bounce the ball on the ground between these steps.
  • The attacking team cannot make more than 3 passes before shooting.
  • When a pass is dropped or not completed (i.e. the ball touches the ground), the other team gets possession.
  • The defending team cannot hamper the attacking one.
  • Touching the ball with one’s feet or legs below the knee is forbidden



•    The court size is that is generally used is 27x16m. However, there are variations to this such as in beach Tchoukball where a court size of 21mx12m is used.
•    One rebound frame is placed at each end of the field of play
•    In front of each frame, a D shaped semi-circle measuring 3m in radius must be drawn; it defines the limits of the ''forbidden zone.


  • Depending on the category of players, different sizes of balls are used ranging from a circumference of 54 cm to 60 cm and weighs between 325 grams to 475 grams.
  • The Length of the Matches
  • The length of the men''s match shall be three periods of 15 minutes, with a maximum interval of 5 minutes between periods.
  • The length of the women''s and junior matches shall be three periods of 12 minutes, with a maximum interval of 5 minutes between periods.

Scoring Pattern

    • In Tchoukball, attacking is not limited to one side and either team can score at either side of the court.
    • A point is scored when the ball rebounds after hitting any of the 2 frames and touches the ground outside the forbidden zone, any part of the defending player''s body below the knees or touches the defending player while he is still in the forbidden zone
    • A point is given to the non-attacking team when the attacking team shoots and misses the frame, or the ball rebounds outside the playing area.


    • The ball should touch the ground during passing.
    • He makes more than 3 contacts with the ground while holding the ball (traveling foul).
    • He touches the ball with any part of his body below the knees (contact with kneepads is allowed).
    • He holds the ball for more than 3 seconds.

    • He touches any area outside the field of play while holding the ball, or takes his last step outside the field of play before catching the ball.
    • He makes the entry pass inside the playing area.
    • He shoots after a restart before the ball has crossed the median line.

Player Positions

    • 2 right wings
    • 2 left wings
    • 2 forward pivots
  • 1 centre pivot

Governing Bodies

•    International Tchoukball Federation (F0TB)

Majors Championship

    • World Tchoukball Championship
    • World Beach Tchoukball Championships
    • European Tchoukball Championships
  • Asian Tchoukball Championships