know diving

Diving is the sport of jumping or falling into water from a platform or springboard, sometimes while performing acrobatics.

• Competitors have to possess strength, flexibility, kinaesthetic judgment and air awareness.


• Dives may be performed from either a springboard or a platform.
• The springboard is a flexible, light, and springy aluminum-alloy board with a non-slip surface.
• The diver can spring upward to obtain extra height in the dive, giving more time in the air to do somersaults and twists.
• Springboards are either 1 or 3 meters high; the distance is measured from the surface of the water to the bottom of the board.
• In Olympic, regional, national, and international competitions, the 3-meter springboard is used.

Scoring Pattern

• Time of take-off
• Height attained
• Synchronisation of rotations and twists
• Time of entry to the water
• Forward travel from the board

Dive positions

• Straight -with no bend at the knees or hips.
• Pike - The open pike is a variant where the arms are reached to the side, and the legs are brought straight out with a bend in the hips.
• Tuck -Body folded up in a tight ball, hands holding the shins and toes pointed.
• Free – indicates a twisting dive, and a combination of other positions.

Types of diving

• Forward
• Back
• Reverse
• Inward
• Twisting
• Armstand

Criteria for Judging a Dive

• 0: Completely Failed
• ½ - 2: Unsatisfactory
• 2½ - 4½: Deficient
• 5 - 6½: Satisfactory
• 7 - 8: Good
• 8½ - 9½: Very good
• 10: Excellent


• Referees
• Clerk of Course
• Inspectors of Turns
• Timekeepers
• Finish Judges
• Desk Control

Dive groups

•    Group 1, the diver takes off facing forward and rotates forward
•    Group 2, the diver takes off with their back to the water and rotates backward.
•    Group 3, the diver takes off facing forward and rotates backward.
•    Group 4, the diver takes off with their back to the water and rotates forward.
•    Group 5, any dive incorporating an axial twisting movement.
•    Group 6,any dive commencing from a handstand is in the Arm stand.

Major Championships

•    Summer Olympics
•    World Aquatics Championships
•    Commonwealth Games

Governing Body

•    Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA)