know floorball


  • Floor ball is an indoor sport with five field players and one goalie on each team.
  • Each field player usually has a light carbon graphite stick, which is about 3 feet long.
  • There is a goal at each end, which is guarded by a goalie without a stick.
  • The goalie sits on their knees and is able to touch the ball over any part of the court as long as they have one part of their body in the goal area.
  • The aim of the game is to shoot the ball into the other teams’ goal, but you cannot touch the ball with your head, hand or with your arm.
  • However, you can kick the ball forward onto your own stick. You cannot hit the ball with your stick above knee level.
  • The team structure allows for substitutions and line changes, which are encouraged because of the fast pace of the games.
  • Penalties leading to power play situations are also part of the game.
  • The major difference between Floor ball and ice hockey is that players are on foot, as opposed to inline/ice skates and physical contact is not permitted


Dimension of the field

•    Floor ball is played indoors on a rink whose size can vary from 18–22 meters wide to 36–44 meters long.
•    The rink is surrounded by 50 cm high enclosed boards with rounded corners.
•    The goals are 160 cm wide and 115 cm high. Their depth is 65 cm and they are 2.85 meters from the end of the nearest boards.


•    The maximum size for a stick is 105 cm.
•    A stick cannot weigh any more than 350 grams.


•    This is a precision type ball, characterized by 1516 tiny dimples that reduce air resistance, as well as friction on the floor.
•    In floor ball, the objective is to get a plastic whiff ball into a net with the aid of the stick past a goaltender.
•    A floor ball weighs 23 grams and its diameter is 72 mm.
•    It has 26 holes in it; each of which are 11 mm in diameter.

Dress ups

•    A floor ball player wears of a pair of shorts, a shirt, socks and indoor sport shoes.
•    In addition to that, players are allowed to wear shin guards, eye protectors and protective padding for vital areas. Players, except for the goalkeeper, also carry sticks.

Goal Post

•    The goals are 1.6m wide and 1.15m high.
•    The goals are placed about 3m inside from the back line and play continues behind the goal.
Rules and Regulations

•    A floor ball game is played over three periods lasting 20 minutes each (15 minutes for juniors).
•    An intermission of 3–10 minutes takes place between each period, where teams change ends and substitution areas.
•    Each team is allowed a timeout of 30 seconds (which is often used late in matches).
•    There are two referees to oversee the game, each with equal authority.
•    Each team can field six players at a time on the court, one player being a goalkeeper.
•    Checking is disallowed in floor ball. Controlled shoulder-to-shoulder contact is allowed, but ice hockey-like checking is forbidden.
•    When a player commits a foul, or when the ball is deemed unplayable, play is resumed from a face-off or a free hit.
•    The goalie must not hold the ball for more than 3 seconds and when throwing the ball, it must hit the floor before passing the centre line.

Free bandy

•    It is involves lifting the ball onto a stick and allowing air resistance and fast movements to keep the ball "stuck" to the stick.
•    This technique is also referred to as "air hooking" or "sky hooking.

Special Olympics

•    Matches are played 3-on-3 with a goaltender, on a smaller court that measures 20 meters long by 12 meters wide.
Street bandy
•    It is usually played on a smaller court, and may involve players playing from 1-on-1 to 5-on-5.
•    Goaltenders do not play in this type of floor ball, as the nets are very small

Swiss floorball

•    The match is played on a slightly smaller court and often involves only three field players playing on each side, in 3-on-3 floor ball
Wheelchair floor ball
•    Originally developed for players with disabilities, wheelchair floor ball is played with exactly the same rules as "regular" floor ball

Major championships

•    The Men''s World Floor ball Championships
•    The Women''s World Floor ball Championships
•    The Men''s under-19 World Floor ball Championships
•    The Women''s under-19 World Floor ball Championships

Regulatory Bodies

International Floor ball Federation, IFF