Discussing the Discus

Discussing the Discus:    Abhishek Parashar


Venue:                                                 Wynberg Allen School


Event:                                   Senior Division Discus Throw


Thanks to OG’s fair selection policy (and limited focus on the field events in “track and field), Parashar sat in the school Mazda and landed in Allen to participate in senior division discus throw while still in class VIII.  

Now this fellow was a Greek God, tall and fair with a chiseled physique.  Add to this his innocent face and you could easily mistake him for being soft.  However, on the inside he was a tough cookie.  

Coming to the day in Allen, we were busy watching what interested us the most when the now famous roar echoed and as I turned my head to trace it I saw Parashar holding still in his follow through and then I saw the discus tearing through the distance.  It was a throw that would have settled the score for good, unfortunately, it landed outside the V-arena.  Disappointed we were, but boy, were we excited for his next throw?  

The next throw was perfect, a magical swing on his right leg, release of the discus at 45 degrees, still head, and that lion roar.  The legend of Abhishek Parashar was born.  He kept winning gold for years to come but the first one was absolute magic.  

By the way, he also stayed Mr. Oak Grove for longest period in OG history. I did mention he was a Greek God, right?


Sudip Bajpai

Oak Grove, Batch'96