Sports gave me the attitude

I am from 96’ batch. Even today, every morning when I am tying my shoelaces to hit the court, I invariably get nostalgic thinking of days back at Oak Grove School when we would just get up, get dressed and show up. The smell of grass today is not too different from our great green valley.


On a tennis court I meditate, running for a drop shot like there is no tomorrow, letting out a roar, or just surprising everyone with child-like enthusiasm to chase an impossible ball. My wife once accompanied me to the court and what she saw surprised her. She saw someone who, at heart, was still a boy at school. The boy could run, jump, create angles and just be mighty happy. She understood it then and there, OG and the boy are inseparable. Getting closer she figured out the secret of red T-shirt. Yes, the boy remains a Tagorian (that’s my house in school).


I love OG and I love tennis. I love OG for giving me the weapon that has come to my rescue whenever depressing times have hit. That weapon is attitude. We at school developed great survival instincts and an ability to get inspired. A Dhanraj reverse hit that missed the mark inspired an entire hockey team, winning from 1-3 down inspired an entire school, Azza locket inspired Rajiv Singh, and just hanging in there in adversity inspired an entire generation. We simply refused to give up or give in. You can be sure, a silent, cornered OGian is busy buckling up and pulling up his socks.


I thank Indian Sports News for giving me the opportunity to pen down some of the most memorable sports moments in OG, moments that inspired us to achieve things beyond us, moments that make us feel proud, moments when we stood for each other, moments when nothing was said but a lot was conveyed, moments which are for eternity.


Sudip Bajpai

Self Entrepreneur