I won’t forget winning my first title…

There are so many memorable moments in my sporting career. I can’t single out one, but I still remember when I won my first title. It was state championship at Delhi. I played for Haryana and beat Kritik Satija. He started really well but the second half was motivating as it was a last chance to win a norm in that tournament. I managed and hold it till the end. When I won the game, I ran up to my mother and hugged her. My first title holds special place in my heart. I do believe it will remain one of my most memorable moments.

In this ongoing Asian school tournament, I have won 6 rounds out of 9. It was a good learning experience as I am playing against senior players. I have learned a lot from them and I have to concentrate more and try to achieve a lot.

Trinav Ratan
Under-11, Chess Player
Asian School Championship