I just pray that no one ever has to play a match after being humiliated…

When we talk about something memorable it is supposed to be some good memories. But the memorable day of my life in sports is not something related to me. I have never been good in sports, as from the beginning I never showed any interest in all this. But somehow I had to play a badminton match for my house when I was in 9th. I was not even knowing that my name was there in those inter house matches and it was only when my house captain announced my name that got to know about it. I told her that I am not going to do this but she started telling that this is about the house prestige and hence I had to say yes.

But the actual problem was about to come as the match was about to start in 15 minutes and I was not in proper kit which was mandatory for the match. I was afraid but my house captain was trying to convince me and somehow I reached the court. My PTI sir scolded me very badly in front of everyone because I was not in proper kit. After the match everyone congratulated me except for my PTI sir. I too wasn’t happy despite my win and wanted to be left alone. I was just praying that this does not happen to me ever again. I just pray that no one ever has to play a match after being humiliated.

Nishu Bagdwal
Under 16 Badminton Player