My sports dream could never be realized…

Passion for sports came to me as a result of the inspiration from my elder brother. He was a member of the school cricket team and used to practice every day at school ground. My journey as a sportsman, started when I was in class XI. Earlier, I used to play cricket at my school ground with my classmates and friends. But the real passion for sports came to me during my selection in school cricket team. From there on, slowly-slowly, my passion for sports was getting converted into my dream.

Hard work and a lot of practice brought me the chance to be selected as a wicketkeeper in the school cricket team. I was extremely happy. Everything was going very smoothly and lightly. But, like a Bollywood film, a twist came to my life. My father, working in Indian Air Force, was transferred from Punjab to West Bengal (Bagdogra). When I heard about my father’s transfer order, I was shocked. Three more days past, I withdrew my name from the school cricket team and I went to Bagdogra with my family.

I completed my class XII and college from Bagdogra. My school in Bagdogra did not have a cricket team. I was very disappointed and thought that my cricket journey might stop here. I feared that I will not be able to play cricket anymore. But by the grace of god, once again I got a chance during my college days. During the trial for the selection in college cricket team, I gave my best. My friends and the coach of college cricket team both appreciated me a lot. This time I was sure that I will be able to secure a place in college cricket team. But the chain of bad luck was still with me. One day, during wicket keeping practice, the middle finger of my right hand was stuck hard by a ball and I was in severe pain. The finger was broken. Once again, I was unfortunate and my name from the selection list of the college cricket team was omitted.

My life did not give me the chance to be a sportsman, but I still posses my passion for sports. And at this stage of my life, I am happy because today, I am working as a Sports Reporter.

Amar Kumar
Sports Reporter