Winning with a backache was memorable…

The most memorable moment for me was when I won the SS National Championship in Ludhiana on September 26, 2010. When the match started I was clear that it is not going to be an easy game because I was suffering from a backache. My opponent gave tough fight to me as he played a perfect match. I fought really hard to win it. It has been one of the best things in my career for sure to win the SS Title.

You know it becomes more challenging if your opponent is at his best and beating the best even becomes more cherishable, so I felt on the top of the world. And what added to my victory was my survival through a tough game even after having a minor backache. After finishing that game I realized that more than my game and practice, it was my passion and desire to win that got me through. I wish such memorable things to come more and more into my life.

Sachin Kumar
Fenesta open
Top seed under-14.