Creating five Limca World Records was a memorable moment of my life

Chess just happened to me by chance. It so happened that I had gone for a regular medical check-up and after the check up the doctor there told my dad that my IQ level is really above normal and advised me to start playing chess. So Chess started for me.

Initially I just played on the state level and later started playing on the national level as well. In 2005 created a record of being the fastest back speller which got me into Guinness Book of World records, which was my first achievement. But I always had a thing in mind to do something new and exciting in the field I choose: Chess.
On the sixty four square board, I created more records which got recorded in the Limca Book of World records. I created five such records of playing blindfolded chess in different ways. Till now no one has claimed those records and I am the sole record holder of playing blindfolded chess in five different ways. It feels great and makes me stand apart so those records are to be cherished for the entire life and also that I’ll keep making such records.

Raghav Srivastava, Hyderabad
National Chess Player (12 years Old)
Asian School Chess Championship, Silver Medalist