My best sports memory goes down to Rabobank Cup 2006

It was during the World Series Rabobank Cup, 2006 that we had to face Australia in the finals. I was physically and mentally preparing myself for the competition. I scored one goal against the opponents. Few days before the final match, I used to constantly watch videos of the Australian team and specially observe their weaknesses. I laid special attention to the goalkeeper’s style and the team’s strategies.

While I was keeping a track with the videos, I observed that the goalkeeper was little weak on the right side. I prepared my own strategy for the match. I practiced more than 100 flicks on the right side and on the D-Day when we got a penalty corner in the game, I scored a goal. We won the match by a score of 4-3.

It will be always be the special moment for me along with the Olympics participation in the year 2008.

Imran Warsi
Olympian, Ex Pakistan Hockey Team Member
International Hockey Player, plays for Dinamo Kazan Hockey Club