My innings was applauded by all…

In India every Indian grows up watching cricket and I was no exception to that. From my early childhood I loved playing cricket. Though I never took any coaching camps or special training, I used to play fairly good. One can call me more of a gully cricketer.

Now the incident that I am going to narrate is very close to my heart. I used to play lot of cricket on the streets along with the senior guys. So being a small kid, I seldom used to get a chance to bat. So once a good luck would have it, I got a chance to bat as the all the wickets fell. Now even though it was just a friendly match amongst us I was still very nervous. I went to bat thinking that what would happen. I went to the crease and took a confident stand and was all determined to prove my worth. I played first ball very cautiously and then I broke loose.

I hit three sixes in the third over that I was facing. I clearly remember those shots. I played dead straight over the bowlers head. The distance of those sixes were also handsome. I went on to play till the end of the innings. My innings was applauded by all, and I got my respect that day. I became the permanent One down batsmen. That was the day, which has indeed given me a lot and also taught me a lot in life. I came to know one thing that respect needs to be earned; no one gives it to on a platter.

Nitesh Singh, (Businessman)
Arya Vidyapeeth College, Guwahati