T20 has all the ingredients of a great recipe

T20 since its inception into international cricket has caught the fancy of the cricketing fans around the world and it has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds. People nowadays are more interested in shortest version of the game more than Test cricket and ODI.

This craze has led to many new domestic T20 leagues coming and any such idea is always appreciated by the apex body for cricket ICC and also the cricket boards of the different countries.

The rising popularity of T20 cricket has given rise to unending debates and the cricketing pundits around the world sees it as having detrimental effect on the other formats of the game. But then it has hardly affected the game and with every passing day the rage just seems to increase.

It might not be the most sought format of the game to the former players but then every nations growing interest in T20 cricket shows that it is here to stay no matter what.

Here are few points that have made T20 cricket such a huge hit:.

Interesting format: The 20 overs format is something which has been very well accepted by the fans. Unlike the other two formats, which at times become very monotonous, a T20 game is always filled with excitement. A match gets wrapped within four hours and it certainly has gone down well with the fans.

Unpredictability quotient: Even though there are teams which are fancied more than others, but then it is the particularly the unpredictable nature of the game that makes it so interesting. Unlike Tests or ODI’s, in T20 cricket it is just a matter of few overs that can change the course of the match. A good run with the bat for a stretch of five overs or two-three quick wickets is enough for a team to win the match. Every team fancy their chances in this format of the game and as seen in past chances of upsets are more in this format of the game.

Unconventional approach: T20 cricket has been a ground for innovation and every team tries to do something different to outplay their opponent. Be it opening the bowling with a spinner, or innovative stroke-making, the format has led the players and the teams to think out of the box and try something new. This format of the game has seen the inception of very famous shots of modern day cricket such as scoops, switch-hits, slop-reverse sweeps.

Environment: The environment during a T20 match is electrifying. It is fanfare setting inside the stadiums with cheerleaders, pyrotechnics, fireworks, music.

By Samikshan Dutta Choudhury

Indian Sports News Network