Sourav Ganguly interested to coach Team India

New Delhi: Former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly who retired from international cricket four years ago has expressed his interest in taking up the job of coaching for Team India provided the people at helm feel him to be capable of role.

Speaking to Hindi news channel Aaj Tak, Ganguly said "Obviously, I have interest in coaching but only time will tell what can happen in future. If the BCCI feels that I can be a good coach, I will be ready. I feel I can create a difference in terms of the ability of the players, their form and their development. That will be one way of my repaying the game."

Ganguly who has always endorsed the idea of foreign coach for Team India, however now feels that an Indian is more fitting for the job. 

“The situation was different when John Wright came in. There was a need to have a foreign coach who could expose the players to modern fitness and training methods. Different captains and different coaches brought in that culture within the team where the players believed they could do well abroad. But the Indian cricket is well aware of the modern techniques now."

“Don`t forget we won the World T20 in 2007 and the CB Series in 2008 under Lalchand Rajput," he added.

Asked if he was planning to job ahead of 2015, he said, “"The World Cup is three years away and if the team does well in this season, obviously Duncan will be given an extended contract till the World Cup. He has a young side under him and he would need to work hard for the team to win outside of the sub-continent. We need to back him. Before him, Gary Kirsten had a very important stint and the team played very well under him so I would really want Duncan to do well."

By Indian Sports News Network