Captaincy issue is no issue for Virat, as the deputy thinks Dhoni is still the perfect guy for the role

New Delhi: Captaincy issue is no issue for Virat Kohli as, as India’s new vice-captain thinks that Mahendra Singh Dhoni as a skipper has done a commendable job. In his views Dhoni hasn’t done much wrong since the time he took over as India’s captain, moreover he wasn’t the right person to comment on the issue as it were the selectors and the management who could throw more light on it.

“MS Dhoni he has been a fantastic captain till now. He is one of the best captains that India has ever produced. He has achieved almost everything and his record as a skipper is incomparable. I seriously do not understand why people are questioning him as a captain. According to me he hasn’t done much wrong since the time he took over as the captain of India. It is the selectors who will decide on the captaincy issue. I don’t want to speak much about it,” said Virat, adding that he has always looked up to Dhoni for advice on the field.

“I always look up to MS for advice on the field. He is Captain Cool who hardly shows emotions on the field unlike me. He a great guy and helps everyone. I have learned a lot from him as he has a lot to offer to other players like me,” said Kohli.

Kohli is also of the view that his aggression is his strength and he would not like to curb that. “My aggression is my strength. It's because of this that I have achieved so much on the field. I have always played cricket the way I do and will continue to do that. I just need to take care of that fine line and should not cross it, which I do at times,” said Kohli, adding that he has never played for awards, rankings or records.

On being asked on BCCI and Arjuna award mess and if he ever thought that he missed on that award, he said, “I haven’t played for records, rankings or awards. In fact I wasn’t aware of all this. If you ask me, I am happy with my present achievements and the way I am going about in my career. If anyone deserves this award most in the team, it’s Yuvraj Singh.”

By Indian Sports News Network