MP Sachin Tendulkar starts his Rajya Sabha innings well, sets example by refusing a govt. bungalow

It has not been too long since Indian batting great Sachin Tendulkar joined the Rajya Sabha and he has already started to set examples for his other colleagues from the Upper House. There was a debate that extra responsibility will hamper his playing skills and it was also said that Sachin might not be able to play his role well as he will be busy with cricket.

Though his role as a MP is still to be seen but Sachin has already started to make a mark. Every Rajya Sabha MP is allotted a bungalow, but Sachin denied a type 7 bungalow saying that he does not want to waste the tax payer’s money. Sachin said that he will be in Delhi only for few days and the bungalow should be allotted to a person who needs it more.

So what big deal, people might say but if it is that small why didn’t anyone else do it? Sachin who has got almost all the batting records has started his innings as an MP pretty well and his fans will be hoping for another master class from this great individual.

Sachin might be new to politics, but he still can tech our politicians a lot of things. Let’s have a look at some of the things that this master batsman can teach our master politicians.

Integrity and dignity:
Sachin can surely teach the politicians how to maintain the dignity and order in the house. And to do that, he does not have to do anything and just act the way he is. In all likelihood at least there would be some who can get influenced by the maestro and behave in a more dignified manner irrespective of the circumstances and ambience prevailing in the house.

Sachin Tendulkar has been consistent for India from the last two decades, he has saved Indian team from many situations and that is a thing to look up to. Our politicians need to be consistent in their decision making and their attitude. There have been lot of incidents in the past where an MP says one thing and the next day he/she completely forgets it. We in India need a consistent approach toward success and Sachin can teach how to do it.

Sachin presence can definitely help in bringing order in the house as the political honchos from different political parties would think twice about saying something anything and everything (controversial and undesirable) twice in presence of such an inspiring and legendary figure who has done so much for the country over the years. Everyone knows that he does not belong to any political party and all that he has joined politics is because of his interest to serve the country in other fields as well. His presence in Parliament can make the Rajya Sabha more disciplined.

The Little Master for sure can give classes on dedication to the Members of the Parliament. His 22 years of career and hunger to do well have helped the country win so many matches and given pleasure galore to the nation. His presence in the House should also influence the MPs walk on his footsteps. For him playing for the country is the biggest pride and this aspect of his can make the MPs think in the same manner and even they might start serving the country and put their nation ahead of self.

By Indian Sports News Network