Controversies & IPL: If you want to follow examples than follow the right ones, Sachin's advice to youngsters

Mumbai: If you want to follow examples than follow the right ones, advised Sachin Tendulkar to young players, adding that there may be a few problems afflicting the Indian Premier League, but     they don't make the entire tournament questionable.

No one and nothing is perfect in this world, he meant when the Master Blaster said that there might be a few problems in every organisation but that does not make the entire organisation bad.

Tendulkar, who is set to take oath as Rajya Sabha member on June 4, advised young players to follow the people who set the right example and absorb their good qualities.

Spot-fixing is not good at all, said Tendulkar, adding that youngsters should follow the people who set the right example. “Follow the right direction and absorb all the good qualities," he said.

Despite its controversies, IPL has done more good than bad to the Indian cricket as whole. Over the last five years the league has only grown in terms of fame and fortune. Indian Premier League season five turned out to be more successful and more exciting contest compared to the past four editions.

Meanwhile stressing the importance of education, Tendulkar, who is the educational campaign's ambassador, said it was important to provide infrastructure in schools, and to support the education of girls.  "School days shape your life and the progress of a person starts from there. If we can bring small changes like providing basic facilities like good toilets, I think we can get the girls to attend the school instead of dropping out.

"Woman is the backbone of a family and the future of a family will change if the girl is educated," he added.

Asked if he would propagate this campaign as Rajya Sabha member, Tendulkar said, "I am already involved in a lot of causes before being a member of Rajya Sabha. I don't think you need another platform to do such initiatives."