Yuvraj cheers for Pune Warriors

Pune: Pune Warriors Thursday had a surprise visitor in their former captain Yuvraj Singh, who cheered for the team from the dugout during their Indian Premier League (IPL) clash against Deccan Chargers.

Pune warriors captain Sourav Ganguly said it was great to have Yuvraj in the team dugout. Yuvraj is missing the IPL as he is recovering from a rare germ cell cancer.

"It's good to see him, he's in the dug out," Ganguly said.

Yuvraj said he was happy to be in the cricket field cheering for his team mates.

"I'm starting to feel better, eating a lot of organic food. Doesn't taste good but I eat it. I'm starting to walk more ... I wanted to go and take guard today but I was happy to hit a few balls and see my team-mates," he said.

Asked when he is expected to take the field, Yuvraj said: "I can't say a time. Maybe two or three months. Depends on my body. Hopefully I'll come back fast."

Yuvraj also reflected on the hard times in the past when he was diagnosed with cancer.

"It was hard for me to digest when I was diagnosed. that's the way life is. I've fought a tough battle, it's been gruelling for me and my family. I've had a lot of support ... a lot of love. At the moment I'm fine, hopefully I can return soon ... Chemotherapy is tough on the body, but I was positive. If you have your family's support it helps ... I had support from the nation," he said. (IANS)