India to cheer for Australia in tomorrow’s match

Melbourne: Australia has thrashed India in all the formats in the past two months. The recently concluded Test-series had a major impact on Indian side and it may have cost some players their career. Indian public has witnessed Australia torching the Indians and would have hoped that Australia receive the same embarrassment if not by India but by any team of the world.


But for a strange reason Indians are forced to support the Aussies in the last league match of the Commonwealth Bank Series. If Australia defeat Sri Lanka tomorrow than India will go to the finals to face the mighty Australians.


India is in this scenario after their miraculous chase in which they got themselves a bonus point.  If Sri Lanka loses tomorrows match than it will be all over for them. India will be upbeat about their chances as the way they defeated their sub-continents would have definitely jolted their plans.


Australia has their own problems going into tomorrow’s match as their captain Michael Clarke is still not hundred percent fit and the chances of him playing in the match looks very rare.


India have also put their practice on hold till the result comes out.


By Indian Sports News