Virat Kohli has it in him to go the Sachin’s way

Virat Kohli achieved something which was highly improbable. The innings he played against Sri Lanka was like a page out of a fairy tale book and made everyone believe that impossible is not a word in his dictionary.  Never did anything like that happen before and chances are high that it would never happen again. His 86-ball 133 ensured that India have something to cherish in this disastrous Australian Summer. Even if India does not go through to the finals, which would totally depend upon the outcome of Friday’s match between Sri Lanka and Australia, the innings this young man played will be remembered for long.

His blitzkrieg in Bellerive Oval has set new benchmarks for limited over batting. His feat has made him the only Indian centurion in this horrendous Down Under tour. He has also jumped to the top the batting charts of the tri-series. His innings is reminiscent 1992 tour to Australia, where Indian greats such as Sanjay Manjrekar, Mohd Azharuddin failed and only one man stood like a rock and defied the mighty Australian attack to score century each in Sydney and Perth. And you have guessed it right; it was none other than the Little Master Sachin Tendulkar. Kohli’s outing in Australia has brought him into straight comparison with the Little Master and if you compare their initial records then Kohli stands far more superior. He is been touted to be a threat to Sachin’s ODI century tally, if not Tests.

Kohli is a great player and did actually beat a lot of other experienced player to solidify his spot in the team. But then it is too early in the day to compare him with the great Sachin Tendulkar. He has it in him to match Sachin but would require some time before he establishes himself as the next one. As of now let us see what does he have to take him into the league of Sachin.

Class apart: Like Sachin Tendulkar he is class apart and has in him which could give him that extra mileage. His plays with conviction and does not get intimidated by anything. He lets his bat do the talking.

His temperament makes him a player of different league. He does not crumble under pressure, and for the records, his best innings have come under pressure.

Big match player:
He has proved that he is a big match player and has it in him to take responsibility to finish the match. He is a good hitter of the ball, knows exactly what to do and when and also is brisk run scorer. He scores at a good rate and actually puts the opposition under pressure.

More than a utility player:
He can bowl too and did give India important breakthrough in the past. Even Sachin had it in him to get important breakthrough and also has a sobriquet to his name “Man with the golden arm.” Kohli has it in him to be termed as the next golden arm for the Men-In-Blue.

Plays all the shots:
Virat Kohli can play all the shots in the book. Unlike some of his colleagues who have a problem facing the short deliveries, he handles them pretty well. He has displayed it in this tour that he can play pull and hook on fast bouncy deliveries.

Never say die attitude:
Even if there is no chance of the team winning, Virat Kohli has it in himself to strive for the victory on his own. Sachin has been doing it from the past two decades and Virat has been doing that in the recent past.

By Samikshan Dutta Chiudhury

Indian Sports News