The Premiere Futsal anthem is very different; it is a very sporty, lively mix of rap, chorus and beats: AR Rahman

Delivering the best consistently is a huge task, and AR Rahman has never disappointed in keeping up with the mounting expectations. "The Premiere Futsal anthem is very different, it is a very sporty, lively mix of rap, chorus and beats," says Rahman, who is composing for Futsal. "Commonwealth was rock, Pele was electronic - stadium anthem kind of a thing - this is like a much younger sound, something that people look for in today's times," he explains.

According to a report in Mail Today, for this different, out-of-the box composition, the voice that he has used to add an edge to this new creation, is also someone fresh - the heartthrob of Indian cricket - Virat Kohli. Virat, who is known for driving spectators crazy in the field, appears to have surprised the ace musician with his sense of music. "I had just thought of using Virat for the raping, but from the very beginning he was in tune and that made me experiment more. Now the song has rap, chorus and beats," says Rahman.

Meanwhile, according to a news in The Indian Express, world renowned futsal star Alessandro Rosa Vieira, also known as Falcao, on Monday threw his weight behind the introduction of Premier Futsal League in India amid strong opposition from the country’s football federation. India’s Test captain Virat Kohli, who is the co-owner and brand ambassador of Indian Super League franchise FC Goa, is also associated with Premier Futsal League, as the brand ambassador of the upcoming tournament.

Citing “non-interference” from FIFA, Falcao felt it’s time All India Football Federation (AIFF) gave recognition to the first-ever multi-national futsal league set to be played in India from July 15 to 24 with each game split into two halves of 20 minutes each.

“There are several private Futsal leagues that also happen world over and I have played in Dubai, Kuwait, USA etc. and they have never had any interference from AMF or FIFA,” Falcao said, adding, “As a player, I feel this is a great opportunity to popularise the sport in India by bringing the best futsal players in the world. Premier Futsal and other Futsal tournaments will enhance the sporting ecosystem here and give people another sport to choose as a viewer, audience or a player.”

It must be mentioned that after its launch, AIFF President Praful Patel and Secretary Kushal Das expressed opposition to the league and declared that the body is mulling legal action.