Sachin Tendulkar not contemplating retirement as of now

India’s batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar indicated that retirement is not on his plan of his action and would continue as long he is enjoying the game.

A report in The Times of India quoted Sachin as saying, "As long as there is a reason to wake up with a reason in the morning, it makes sense in continuing (playing cricket). The day I don't enjoy wielding bat in my hands, I will think otherwise. But that moment hasn't come as yet. When I will get that feeling, I will confirm on that.”

Meanwhile a report in The Indian Express writes after receiving special award for notching up a double ton in an ODI match against the West Indies, Virender Sehwag said his next target was to play 100 Tests for the country.

In a lighter vein, Sehwag said superstition did not apply to him when he approached double ton in any form of cricket as he did not give any room for the bowlers to think much.

"If the ball is there to hit along the fence or over it, I do that without much thinking," he was quoted in the report.

However, Sehwag admitted that he was bit superstitious when Tendulkar neared his first double ton in one-day internationals.

"We all thought even if Sachin gets out on 190s, we will all stand up and clap anyhow. But when he got there, all players and sports staff gathered at the players balcony and applauded his achievement. That feeling cannot be expressed," he said.