I need to enjoy each and every small bit of success that comes my way: Irfan Pathan

Irfan Pathan was the last minute inclusion for the Sri Lanka series after Vinay Kumar pulled out of an injury, Pathan had a tremendous run and finished as the highest wicket-taker from both teams. Pathan believes that the Sri Lanka series taught him to enjoy each and every small moment of success, says a report in The Hindustan Times.

“After being out for two years due to injury, this is one thing I have learnt. I need to enjoy each and every small bit of success that comes my way. I have to seize happiness from each and every moment on cricket field. I have realized that whatever has happened in the past is history and I can't afford to look too ahead towards future. But I can control my present and work hard to make things happen”, said Pathan.

Pathan who was lucky to get a spot in the team and made the maximum use of it said, “That is exactly what I am trying to do. Grab each and every moment.”

The best thing about Pathan’s bowling in Sri Lanka was the way he swung the new ball, on that Pathan said, “A good delivery like the one that swung into Dilshan and I got him bowled in the T20 match is certainly satisfying but at the same time my innings of 34 not out is also equally significant as it was very important in the context of the match. These are little successes that I have started enjoying. It lifts your morale.”


Meanwhile, Harbhajan Singh who has made a comeback into the Indian T20 squad for the New Zealand series and the T20 World Cup said in an interview to The DNA that he was hopeful that he will make a comeback and that is the reason why he was playing in England.

Harbhajan who was dropped from the team after his poor run said, “No one likes to be dropped, but you have to look forward and work even harder. Yes, I’m more mature now to cope with and understand the hardships associated with the sport. That said, the nature of struggle remains the same for every player, whether he is 25 or 40. All you can do is ensure that the difficult days don’t last long.”