AIFF Disciplinary committee meets in Kolkata

1812The AIFF Disciplinary Committee met in Kolkata to discuss and decide upon pending disciplinary matters. In the case of Quess East Bengal's AIFF Elite League (formerly known as U-18 Youth League) 2018-19 home match incident, the members of the committee who were present for the meeting unanimously took the decision of invoking Article 67 of the AIFF Disciplinary Code and issued stern warning upon Quess East Bengal that in case of any failure on its part to fulfil any of the obligations enshrined under Article 66 of the Code read with AIFF Regulations for the Tournaments and/or in the event of any improper conduct among its supporters in any match held under the AIFF or under its aegis in near future, in addition to imposition of necessary sanctions for the said eventuality, all subsequent Home Matches of Quess East Bengal shall have to be played ‘behind closed doors’ in terms of Article 25 of the Code. The Club in all future home Matches must provide a separate enclosure for the Media and keep the same open till the conclusion of the Match irrespective of there be adequate numbers of Media personnel present or not.