‘ENVISAGE CYCLE' ON’: A cycle marathon for a better, greener and healthier state

deepak kumar saha

With their helmets in place and gloves fitted well, it’s a refreshing sight, in the West, to see the students/businessmen/salaried class – all heading towards their workplaces, the green way!

Envisaging a better, greener, healthier state, Envisage Communique Pvt. Ltd. took the initiative of borrowing this one good culture of cycling from the west and promoting it in Uttar Pradesh – India (to start with).

With the noble thought of promoting the cycling culture in India, “ENVISAGE CYCLE’ON", has been initiated in Lucknow – the capital of Uttar Pradesh – India. Envisage has been in the brand marketing industry for over a decade, and is always on the lookout for new opportunities to create an interface between the brands and customers.

From a-midst the clutter, Envisage has initiated a fresh breather, an eco friendly and green concept - A CYCLE MARATHON – ‘Envisage Cycle on’, which is a mass participation Cycling event, for professionals, amateurs, casual bikers, students, kids, women.....for one and all! It intends to promote the cause of Cycling and the various benefits associated with Cycling, like environment consciousness, health, etc. 

The initiative has been applauded and supported by “Hercules Cycles”, which since 1910, has been a brand that has maintained close touch with its audience to remain young and rooted to fun, freedom and fitness. With the most popular range of cycles to its credit, Hercules truly provides “power at ones feet”!
Also, supporting the cause, is ACC, doing their bit, by cementing perceptions towards the motion of promoting cycling – thereby rightfully doing justice to the statement they make, viz, “sada atoot raho”!
Pedal for a Cause is the theme hovering around the activity, which indicates Cycling for health. HOPE INITIATIVE - which is a non-profit organization, has been plugged in, to propel the cause, as it is actively engaged in an endeavour to spread health awareness and to promote health amongst students.
The activity aims at changing perceptions and attitudes towards cycling, overlooking an eco friendly approach towards healthy living.
The Cycle’on, as proposed, is a multi city activity, with prospects of rolling across U.P. starting from Lucknow and later covering Kanpur, Noida, Agra, Meerut, Varanasi and Allahabad.
The Organizers have been focusing on various touch points, like schools, colleges, architect associations, civil engineer associations, doctors associations, etc, to tap all critical sects of the society and drive them towards the cause.
Keeping the energy levels soaring high, the city is bound to witness hundreds of enthusiasts supporting the cause on (Sunday) 30th September 2012, and passionately riding towards making the statement, “If it can happen in the west, so can it in the east....it’s just about mindsets, let’s change them for the better”.
Getting closer to the day, Mr. Deepak Kr. Saha (Chief Exe. – Envisage Communique Pvt. Ltd.), humbly states, “It is a small step, towards a big revolution!” 

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Date : 30th September, 2012
Time & Venue : 6:30 a.m. – La Martiniere (Boys) Ground, Lucknow

Categories of the ride :

Category (Age)


8 yrs. To 50 yrs.

10 kms.

50 yrs. +

5 kms.