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Delhi Capitals' young power-hitting duo of Stubbs and Fraser-McGurk talk about their IPL experience, bond over golf and beyond

Stubbs and Fraser McGurk New Delhi: The young power-hitting duo of Tristan Stubbs and Jake Fraser-McGurk engaged in a candid conversation about their bond over golf sessions, the IPL experience, aggressive gameplay, future aspirations and a lot more in the Episode 2 (Season 4) of the DC Podcast.

First impression and bonding over golf

"I didn't know anything about him, but he knew my life story," revealed Stubbs.

Fraser-McGurk said, "I remember my first thoughts going, he's a bit taller than I imagined. I thought he would be a bit smaller, but he's a pretty big unit. He's been all right so far."

"We play (Golf) for caps. Whoever loses has to buy the other person a cap. We have had some close games, but it shouldn't be close, because technically I should be the better golfer because of my handicap, but he has played quite nicely," said the Aussie batter on who is a better golfer.

Meanwhile, Stubbs added, "He is a better golfer. He is of a scratch. I'm of a five. He should beat me by five shots every time."

The IPL Experience

Fraser-McGurk said, "The differences of actually being in it and seeing it from an outside point of view and hearing about it, has sort of married up quite nicely. I just didn't have any expectation to play a game, but to be able to play now is great."

Stubbs stated, " It took me a while to get used to the hype and pressure. I've really enjoyed this year. It's been nice to get an extensive run in a team playing. We've played lots of golf, and done a lot of things off the field, which is always nice."

Rubbing Shoulders with Idol David Warner

The 22-year-old Australian also spoke about his bond with Delhi Capitals' opener David Warner. He said, "He (David) is one of the most unselfish people I've ever met. He always has time for everyone. He wants to help you 24/7. Every hotel he's always been like two rooms away from me. I just go into his room and have coffee every morning."

"He's more Indian than Australian. That's what I tell him. I say that. I say he's 70% Indian, 30% Australian," he added.


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