Abhi Varma wins two gold medals

Hyderabad: The Swimming Competition as part of the Hyderabad Corporate Olympics was held today at B V Gurumurthy Memorial MCH Swimming Pool, S D Road, Secunderabad.

Abhi Varma of Cognizant won 2 Gold medals, 1 Silver medal & 2 Bronze medals in the Swimming (Men’s) whilst Vinay Kumar Mandula of Kantar Operations won 2 Gold medals.

Poshita Kaushik of Deloitte won 4 Gold medals in the Women’s category.

Freestyle 50m (Men’s)

Gold        Vinay Kumar Mandula (Kantar Operations)     0:30:45
Silver        Abhi Varma(Cognizant)             0:34:29
Bronze        Ravinder AVN (Deloitte)             0:35:42

Freestyle 100m (Men’s)

Gold        Abhi Varma (Cognizant)             1:24:18
Silver        Abjit Bedi (ADP)                 1:31:78
Bronze        Prasanna Kumar (DE Shaw)            1:43:34

Breaststroke 50m (Men’s)

Gold        Abhi Varma (Cognizant)             0:44:70
Silver        Ravinder AVN (Deloitte)             0:45:70
Bronze        C.Suman Nageswar Rao  (Global-E-Procure)    0:51:88

Backstroke 50m (Men’s)

Gold        Abjit Bedi (ADP)                0:48:45
Silver        Kailash Yadav (Deloitte)             0:48:51
Bronze        Abhi Varma (Cognizant)            0:52:84

Butterfly 50m (Men’s)

Gold        Vinay Kumar Mandula (Kantar Operations)    0:32:79
Silver        Ravinder AVN (Deloitte)             0:43:43
Bronze        Abhi Varma (Cognizant)            0:46:92

Freestyle 50m (Women’s)

Gold        Sheryl Sebastian (DE Shaw)             0:46:02
Silver        Poshita Kaushik (Deloitte)            0:49:78
Bronze        Neeti Arora (Cognizant)            1:22:57

Freestyle 100m (Women’s)

Gold        Poshita Kaushik (Deloitte)             2:01:04
Silver        Sheryl Sebastian (DE Shaw)            2:04:81
Bronze        Susmita Deept (Deloitte)            3:01:18

Breaststroke 50m (Women’s)

Gold        Poshita Kaushik (Deloitte)             0:54:88
Silver        Sheryl Sebastian (DE Shaw)            1:00:11
Bronze        Neeti Arora (Cognizant)            1:53:24

Backstroke 50m (Women’s)

Gold        Poshita Kaushik (Deloitte)             1:05:26
Silver        Sheryl Sebastian (DE Shaw)            1:10:10
Bronze        Neeti Arora (Cognizant)            1:38:03

Butterfly 50m (Women’s)

Gold        Poshita Kaushik (Deloitte)             1:07:25

Freestyle 4x50m Relay

Gold        ADP (Abjit Bedi, Durgam Sampath,
        Govind Gudur, Nanaiah Satish)        2:56:35
Silver        Deloitte (Kailash Yadav, Poshita Kaushik,
        Ravinder AVN, Susmita Deept)        4:11:66

Hyderabad Corporate Olympics is an annual multi-sports event for the corporate houses of Hyderabad held every year. Now in its second year, the event has participation of over 4000 corporate executives from 73 corporate houses of Hyderabad.

“The company with the maximum no. of Gold medals will win the Corporate Olympics – Overall Champions Trophy. Over and above the medals & trophies, we have collected Gifts & Gift Vouchers which will be distributed to the medalists during the closing ceremony” said Sarathy, Managing Partner of RosePetals who are the organizers of the Olympics.

Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Volleyball (Men & Women), Throwball, Women’s Cricket, Kabaddi, Tug of War & Athletics are the events still to be held. The events will happen till the mid of December 2012.