KIYG 2023: Dominant Yashvardhan Singh shows why he is rated so highly in boxing world

Yashvardhan SinghChennai: As Yashvardhan Singh proudly displayed his gold medal at the Khelo India Youth Games 2023, his father Satyajeet watched from side-lines. While proud of his son’s achievement, he is quick to point out that these are mere baby steps in a long journey.

In the 60-63kg final at the TNPESU complex on Wednesday, Yashvardhan thoroughly dominated Maharashtra’s Gaurav Chauhan for a unanimous verdict.

“I was a participant in Guwahati, a silver medallist in Pune, and now a gold medallist here,” he says, while tracing his performance in Khelo India Youth Games.

Yashvardhan’s journey began in the sixth grade, the formative years where the love for boxing took root. And his rise in the boxing arena since then is adorned with accolades and achievements.

A National Youth Boxing Championship gold in Sikkim marked a pivotal moment. The journey continued with success at the Sub Junior and Junior Asian levels, solidifying Yashvardhan's position as a formidable force in the boxing ring.

Yashvardhan's career goals are not merely his personal quest; it’s a shared dream with his father, who harbours a fervent desire to see his son clinch the coveted gold medal at the Olympics.

“I want him to win the Olympic medal that I could only dream of,” the father adds.

Boxing is not just a sport for the Singh family; it's a legacy. Satyajeet, driven by an innate passion for the ring, recalls his own journey into the world of boxing. “Boxing has always been a passion. I used to fight a lot, so my father enrolled me into boxing,” he says, highlighting the family’s love for the sport.

And as Yashvardhan’s fists paint stories of resilience in every tournament he participates, Satyajeet's support becomes the driving force behind the pursuit of victory.

Together, the father and son duo, carry the weight of their dreams focused on scripting a tale of triumph and glory every time the youngster enters the boxing ring.