Aadil returns wiser after rubbing shoulders with top Indian and Asian professional golfers

Aadil Bedi CG Open GolfSays pros have a different mindset, they just go out and play and don’t care about winning or losing

Chandigarh: 15-year-old Aadil Bedi has returned wiser after playing with the top Indian and some Asian Tour professionals in the two tournaments -- CG Open and Take Solution Open Professional Golf Championship – in the last one-and-half-months. The Chandigarh youngster realises that playing in a professional tournament is altogether a different ball game, but is of the opinion that getting exposure to play with the seniors has definitely given him an edge over his peer group.

“Professional golf is a different ball game. But I am extremely happy to have rubbed shoulders with the top Asian and Indian professional golfers. If a youngster gets exposure at an early age, it does give him an edge over others,” said Aadil, who finished a creditable 16th with a match score of 7-under-273 at CG Open.

The Class X student of Vivek High School, Chandigarh, said that the pros have a different mindset. “They even have a different strategy. They play not to win, but to better their own performances. At junior lever you are supposed to win. The pros don’t have that mindset and that’s what makes them different. They just go out and play. They do not care about winning or losing,” said Aadil, adding that the pressure is completely different when you play with the professional golfers.

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“Watching them on TV and analysing their game and playing with them are completely different. The pressure is also different. However, I learnt a lot from them. They remain calm and composed on the course. Their mindset is also different. So pros are completely different from juniors and amateurs,” said Aadil, adding that he was working on his physical strengths.

“I am doing everything whatever I can do at my age. I will gain the required physical strength only at the right age. I can’t be as strong and fit as a 25-year-old pro golfer. I am still just over 15 and will wait for my time to come. However, I will keep giving my best,” he said.
Talking about the things he learnt from different players during the CG Open, Aadil said, “Every player has different attributes. Their style is different. I played with Rashid Khan and Khalin Joshi. Rashid is a very skilled player. His skills under 100 yards are exceptional. Meanwhile, Khalin Joshi is technically sound. His ball striking is exceptional. So both of them are very different players and they are winners in their own way. I learnt a few things from them.”

Talking about his best moment during the CG Open, he said, “At one point in round 4, I was tied 7th. There was a small leaderboard which showed names of only top 10 players and I was proud to see my name on that. It felt very good.”

Talking about his next tournaments, Aadil said that he would be going to Gurgaon for Northern India Juniors. The week after that, I will be playing the All India Juniors at Golden Greens in Gurgaon itself.”