Lionel Messi - An Irreplaceable Genius!

‘So Near yet so far’ for Lionel Messi: Denied a major international trophy yet again.

Still can't believe he's gone!

Leo Messi in his post match interview after his COPA America loss final against Chile said that he'll no longer play international football again. Sad day for the footballing world indeed!

His 4th final loss for Argentina. Says he's had enough of the losses and many want him to retire. Emotional breakdown or whatever you may call it which made him say this in the post match interview, but he gave whatever he had to the nation.

Everyone could see his emotions and passion for the national team when we saw him crying after the final loss against Chile this morning. Missed a penalty oh yes! But wait, he was exceptional throughout the tournament. Assisted players, scored some fantastic free kicks, dribbled past players easily putting in some brilliant balls for other players. Did as much as he could for the team!

Player of his quality and stature deserves to win an international tournament but can't get past the finals.

Sad day for the footballing world as we might not be able to watch the same LEO MESSI in his sky blue Argentine jersey dribbling past defenders and pleasing people with his performances. Country's highest goal scorer with 55 goals but zero international trophies has had enough.

He once said if he had a choice between five Ballon D or's and a World Cup, he would always choose the latter. Such is the passion for his national team.

Very lucky to have seen Leo Messi play!! Would have been really delightful if he had won an international trophy, but such is the beauty of sport.

He had just turned 29 and an international tournament victory would have been a perfect gift but Chile had other plans. At the age of 29 he could have carried on for atleast two more tournaments but he feels he's had enough of it.

But if it is the last time we've seen him in Argentina colours you've given everything for your nation. We love you Leo!! You are a real champion!!

Leo Messi - Always the King!