Airtel Delhi Half Marathon: Lalita Babbar clocks India’s fastest Half Marathon time

Lalita Babbar clocks Indias fastest Half Marathon timeIn the Indian Elite section, Nitendra Singh Rawat and Lalita Babbar emerged victorious. All the three women podium finishers – Lalita Babbar, OP Jaisha and Sudha Singh - broke the ADHM Course Record set in 2008 by Kavita Raut (01:17:12) and Lalita Babbar clocked the fastest ever Half marathon time (01:10:52) by Indian Women.

In the Indian Elite women, Lalita Babar, OP Jaisha, Sudha Singh were neck to neck through-out the race. Eventually, Lalita took six and half minutes off the ADHM course record with a time of 1:10:52. Jaisha (1:11:43) finished closely behind Lalita followed by Sudha Singh 1:11:46. In addition to Rs 3,00,000 prize money, Lalita also won the course jackpot of Rs 1,50,000.

In the Indian Elite Men, Nitender Singh gave a tough fight to Kenyan Bett but could not surpass him. He eventually took the podium at 01:04:41 to collect Rs. 3,00,000 prize money in the Elite Indian Men category. Gopi T, who followed Nitender through-out the race, finished 2nd to collect Rs. 2,50,000 and Mohd. Yunus finished at 3rd place with Rs. 1,75,000.

A total of 34,015 runners participated in the 8th Airtel Delhi Half Marathon including 13,200 amateurs, over 70 international athletes; 19,015 enthusiasts participated in the Great Delhi Run while 400 brave hearts finished the race in the Champions with Disability category and 800 in the Senior Citizen category.

Overall Indian Athlete Men:

Nitendra Singh Rawat (IND) 01:04:41; Gopi T (IND) 01:04:45; Mohd. Yunus (IND) 01:04:46; Rattiram Saini (IND) 01:04:52; Kalidas Hirave (IND) 01:05:16; Balliappa AB (IND) 01:05:59; Vikas Kumar (IND) 01:08:41; Luther LR (IND) 01:11:20; Rajendra Singh (IND) 01: 12:37; N G Charmoy (IND) 01: 14:52.

Overall Indian Athlete Women:

Lalita Babbar (IND) (Overall 8th) 01:10:52; O P Jaisha (IND) 01:11:34; Sudha Singh (IND) 01:11:46; Suriya L (IND) 01:13:18; Kiranjeet Gaur (IND) 01:21:02; Priti Lamba (IND) 01:21:36; Jyoti Gawate (IND) 01:22:05; Amandeep Kaur (IND) 01:26:10; Ranjana Kumari (IND) 01:45:48.